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Corfu located in the north Ionian Sea at the northwestern edge of Greece, is one of the most important and beautiful islands in Greece. Perhaps the greenest island with dense vegetation. The climate is generally mild with hot and dry summers and very mild but really wet winters.

It is an island with a long history, and has been notable in Greek culture and tradition for over 3000 years. Corfu was a vital part of the powerful maritime state of Venice. This was the era that shaped and fundamentally influenced the cultural character of the island and its residents.

In recent years Corfu has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists all over the world too. On an island where anywhere the sea meets the shore, it seems almost impossible to choose and present the beaches standing above the others.

More touristic destinations with large sandy beaches, are Agios Georgios Pagon, Agios Stefanos of Avliotes in the west, Roda and Acharavi on the north coast.Huge beaches on the south that remain almost untouched by the uncontrolled tourist exploitation and preserve their natural beauty are Chalikounas and Issos, Marathias etc.

Definitely Corfu is an island well worth visiting. It’s easy to see why visitors want to come back to Corfu- again and again!